Leg Press

Price: Rs 25,850/Piece
Functions: Develops the strength of lower
limbs, and improves the stability and agility
of three main joints of lower limbs; good for
the healing of inconvenience of bending and
stretching of lower limbs, and muscular
atrophy of lower limbs, rheumatoid arthritis,
sciatica, sprain of the anklebone, etc.
Approaches: Sit on the chair and step on
the footboard. Stretching legs with force
and recover slowly. Repeat.
Users: Suitable for people of different ages.
Size:- 2044x494x1504mm
Material: Pre Galvanized Mild Steel, Material
Thickness: 3 mm.
Paint: All Weather Double Layer Powder
Coated Paint Sealed Ball Bearing, Steel Seat
and Footrest / Foot paddle for long lasting life

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