About Us

About Us

It’s important to know, who we are and what we do.

Royal Sports was established in 2007 in Meerut city (Hub of sports equipments manufacturers).We started importing & manufacturing domestic as well as commercial fitness equipments however after several years of contribution, we were able to gather some experience that we injected in the said market and became the pioneer leading manufacturer of quality fitness products that specializes in

  • Strength
  • Jogger
  • AB-Bench
  • Home-GYM
  • Multi GYM accessories.

No end to this product list. You think about a product and we are there to manufacture and deliver the same.We were successfully assessed and conformed as an ISO certified company manufacturing sports goods, health fitness equipments and machines.

Outdoor Gym Fitness Equipment
Customer Satisfaction

Our Approach

We deliver our products to almost all the major cities in India as we believe in servicing mankind.

We do not just manufacture and deliver our products and break the relationship with our client but we do provide extended service so that our bonding prevails and gets stronger by the time.

Our Mission

The support and encouragement that we got forced us to think out of the box and do something that we have never done before but might have given a thought to it. Yes, we are getting something new in the market that was never launched before and we are extremely happy and privileged to offer the same in your own country promoting Made in India initiative as well.

We are launching a wide range of outdoor fitness equipments under the brand name of RSF.

Our company is very much inclined towards fitness so we thought of introducing a new range of products that can help the whole community to focus on their health and fitness as we believe in

Live Healthy, Live Happy.


These products are economical too so you do need to invest more but will get more than your expectation.

No age limit as far as usage of these products is concerned. We do not want to serve only a specific age group but each and every human being so we thought of launching a product range not only for teenagers but senior citizens and children as well.

This is going to be beneficial and effective in raising your immunity level which will help in saving your earnings as well. You do not need to go to doctor every week, paying them a handful amount of fees and taking extra medicines to live healthier. Why not opting for a natural way of getting healthier without any side effects?

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