Outdoor Exercise Machines

If you want to feel like flowing in the air using outdoor gym equipment then you are at the right place.

Outdoor Fitness is a natural process of shaping up your body as per your desires by outdoor gym equipment. It’s not bound by any constraint, depends on your body stamina instead. The best part as far as outdoor fitness is concerned is that there are no geographical limitations whether you workout on hills, plain area’s outskirts, interior.

What if you get outdoor gym equipment to help you attain what you expected from your workout? Yes, you got that right. We deal in manufacturing such types of outdoor exercise machines that make your body feel fresh and energetic every morning or after every exercise session.

We are outdoor exercise machines dealer in Meerut that can fulfill all your workout needs right here in your own city. You do not need to think about “Where to go for gym equipment shopping?”  Whenever you are in need of any outdoor exercise machine, keep all your worries aside and give us the chance to fulfill all your expectations.

We not only sell imported products but believe in Made in India concept as well so we thought of manufacturing our own products under the brand name of RSF.

We do not concentrate on producing or manufacturing products only for the youngsters but for all age groups so that everyone in this country gains the fitness needed for his/her body and live longer.

We deal in outdoor gym manufacturing wherein you can order a machine and get it installed anywhere you want as per your comfort and convenience so that you can exercise daily without even thinking of going to the gym.

Try our outdoor fitness equipment and save your time and efforts, no hard investment but fruitful results. It’s economical as well as a very effective way of growing your immune system and defeating different diseases without even consulting a doctor.


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Products that we deal in are:

Outdoor Exercise Machines

Open Gym Machines Installation

We are providing gym machines installation service also at our customer’s open place. We already set up outdoor exercise machines at various locations of India. You can choose any exercise machine as per your fitness requirement for the open areas. Our team will install it in your house front, park or garden. It will help you gain stamina and burn calories through sweat coming out of your body.

Sit-Up Bench

Sit-Up Bench

We are providing huge range of outdoor exercise machines including sit up bench, body shaper, cross-walker, leg press, chest press, air swing, air walker, parallal bars, waist twister, pull & push chair & much more.

Outdoor Exercise Machines

Outdoor GYM Equipment Supplier

We are a registered gym equipment manufacturing company supplying outdoor gym equipment across India. If you have an indoor gym business & want to extend your gym business for open areas setup also, we deal directly for supplying outdoor exercise machines in bulk at wholesale price.

Multi Gym Accessories

Support & Maintanence

Believes in a prolonged relationship through service extension and maintenance of outdoor gym equipments used by our clients. We not only focus on selling our products but retaining our valuable customers.